Behind the truck

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I'm Audrey, the proud owner of Little Lou Flower Truck. I've always loved all things floral, and this is my way of spreading a little joy in the community.

I traveled to Italy in 2018 and fell in love with all the usual things one falls in love with in Italy: the incredible food and wine, the breathtaking sights and unparalleled history, and the general idea of la dolce vita - a slower, more intentional pace of life.


I also fell in love with the teeny tiny utility trucks I saw all over the place, and an idea (okay, obsession) hatched to bring one of my very own back stateside. I wasn't sure what I wanted to actually do with the truck, but after a little brainstorming, the answer seemed quite obvious. I'm a flower kinda gal, and I was willing to bet that Louisville would embrace my old, quirky, vintage way of presenting them to you.

I LOVE flowers. Of all kinds. I even have one permanently inked on my body (sorry Mom). My favorite varietals are always changing, but my love for them is constant. If you have a special occasion coming up, or just need a little pick me up, come find us and say hello! We would love to make your day.