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  • What exactly are you selling?
    At the truck we sell fresh cut flowers by the stem, and occasionally some pre-made bouquets. Our selection will vary based on what's seasonal and available from our local growers. You can build your own bouquet based on whatever catches your eye, or we are happy to build it with you! Everything is priced by the stem, and prices start at just $2 per stem. There is no minimum purchase, so your bouquet can be as small or large as you'd like! In our online shop, we offer hand-tied bouquets, arrangements, and eucalyptus shower bundles for local delivery, as well as bouquet subscriptions and e-gift cards!
  • Do you only take cash?
    Nope! We take cash, card, or Venmo! We also accept e-gift cards at the truck (purchase online in our Shop!)
  • Where are you located?
    We are based in Louisville, KY, but our location will vary from day to day. Be sure to follow us on Instagram (@littlelouflowertruck) for the most up-to-date schedule and locations.
  • What are your hours?
    Our hours vary greatly. We try to get out on Saturdays and Sundays when the weather is cooperating, but because we are a small operation, there will be some weekends we aren't out. The best way to find us is to keep an eye out on our Instagram posts for our weekly schedule!
  • Do you deliver flowers?
    We do! Bouquet deliveries can be ordered on our Shop page. We offer multiple sizes of bouquets for one-time deliveries or for weekly / monthly subscriptions! Subscriptions can be cancelled at anytime. Deliveries are FREE in the Metro Louisville area, and $10 for surrounding areas. If you're unsure where your address lies, check the zip codes on the product pages or send us a note to ask! At this time, deliveries are not available in Southern Indiana or other parts of Kentucky.
  • Are you available for private events?
    We are! Send us a message with your event details and we will get back to you with a proposal. Since Lou is fully electric, we are available for indoor as well as outdoor events!
  • How do I keep my flowers fresh?
    The key to keeping cut flowers fresh is to limit exposure to bacteria. Trim the ends of each stem with sharp scissors and be sure to place in a clean vase with fresh water (filtered if possible). Remove any foliage that sits below the water line, and add the provided packet of flower food. Keep your arrangement away from direct sunlight and heat sources. Every 2-3 days, trim the ends of the stems with clean, sharp shears and replace the water. Some flower varietals are naturally hardier than others, but these simple steps should extend the life of your arrangement no matter which blooms you choose.
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